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Hi we are Caitlin and Phil we have created Bedcide. This site is dedicated to helping its readers find out what bed solutions there is available out there and helping them make an informative decision in  which cool beds would be best for them. We will discuss in detail the many options, be it beds for kids, bunk beds, guest beds, sofabed, kingsized futon etc, you name it we will be delving into. We hope to be providing informative reviews and articles on beds and sleeping related products as a whole, bringing you a store, social wall and best buys page to help making your decision quicker.

After spending a long time researching into what cool beds there are out there,  we thought it would be a good idea to pass on the info and start a site dedicated to beds as there wasn’t really a site like this out there. We are posting our findings here so you can have access to the information in one place and hopefully help you to make up your mind in which to buy.

If we have not been of any help thanks anyway for stopping by our site. Please also visit our Facebook page Bedcide

Please visit our Contact Us page to contact us with comments, questions, or review requests.

We hope you enjoy our site.

– Bedcide.com team