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An Ottoman Bed Can Be A Great Guest Bed Solution

An Ottoman Bed Can Be A Great Guest Bed Solution

Now on to talking a little bit about using an ottoman bed for a guest bed solution, they can make a great spare bed as they can double up as a seat and look modern too in their design. They can suit many guest rooms and be part of the decor and they take up very little room too so suit rooms where space might be an issue.

They are also great for storage like a tradition ottoman is, obviously you don’t have quite the room a normal ottoman would have as it’s got a bed or mattress fitted in but some of them still come with some storage room in them.

People use their ottomans all over the house and a popular use for them is as a foot rest when you are watching the TV, you can relax and put your feet up for a while, they mainly are made to be comfortable and with a soft cushion top to sink your feet into. So when they are not being used as a bed they have another function that you can double them up as a foot rest.

There is not too many of them to choose from sadly, this is true, the ottoman bed is not the most common in guest beds and ottomans are still made and designed more for storage and as an extra seat in a bedroom, not so much as a spare bed. That said we are seeing more and more fold out ottoman beds being made and they are becoming more popular as they look good and take up very little space indeed.

What do you do to get them to be a bed?

You simply can open them up like you would a normal ottoman and then pull out the bed, very much like you would with a sofabed. Depending on the size of the ottoman pretty much determines the size of the bed it will pull out.

They come in various sizes of course; some people prefer to have a small one that will be a single bed but you can buy them larger to open out an ottoman twin bed. The good thing also about them is you can buy ottoman covers so you can buy a cover that is going to suit the room’s decor and your ottoman sleeper bed then can blend with the rest of the room.

Obviously the ottoman bed has some way to go to being the king of the guest bed but they do have charm and with having the added option of buying suitable covers from them or even making one yourself to match the rest of your room then they can be a great purchase. They are not overly expensive either and for occasional use when you have a guest stay will last you years I would imagine. Let’s hope we start to see more options with designs for them in the future as the product grows.

We have picked out below some of the best choices we found in ottoman beds.


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