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Bedcide – Need Help Decided On Which Cool New Bed To Buy?

Bedcide – Need Help Decided On Which Cool New Bed To Buy?

We will discuss the many different options of beds that are available on the market and offer you some great recommendations to helping you decide which would be most suiting to you and your situation. Every household is different and some  beds will be used more often than others within a year. Comfort preferences, space and budget play a important parts in deciding the best new cool bed, you want something that will last and give you a good night’s sleep.


So what different beds are there available to me?

How do you choose a cool bed, comfortable bed, rollaway or futon bed, not to mention the many choices for beds. When you walk into a bedding shop there are literally hundreds of choices. So, what do you look for in a bed? Well that’s where this site can come in and help you make up your mind or set you on the right track of making the right decision.

As you walk through the showroom floor of a bedding shop you see a myriad of types of bed. Of course, the shop always puts the best bedding and bed spreads on the beds they want you to purchase. That’s some help if you like the bedding they use. If not, you still have the choice of bed material, type of frame, size, and comfort.  Do you homework before you go to the showroom. It will not only save you money, but you’ll know what type and style of bed will be perfect for you or whoever will be sleeping on the bed. At Bedcide we will be showing you the best of the best beds, mattresses and sleeping aids on the market to simply make your decision that much easier, we as humans spend lots of hours  asleep on them so they got to be right, right?


Then and now

Back in “ye olden times” choosing a bed was easy. They only had one type of bed – a feather bed. You, however, had the choice of frames. Even then, they had cool beds with massive headboard, lion feet, and soft feather mattresses. Today, you have the same choices with modern beds, but you also have a ton of choices on the type of bed for your use. Like lots of things bed technology has come along leaps and bounds and with the introduction of memory foam we are seeing beds been made that are amazing to have a great night’s sleep on. There are so many frames and mattresses to choose from such as Sealy, Simmons, Serta, And Stearns & Foster, just to name a few major brands. So, what do you do first?


Set your budget

Well, first, you need to know what size room the bed will go into. It won’t do you any good if you purchase a bed bigger than the room can hold. Also, set a budget on how much you want to spend on your new cool bed. Once that’s established, it will limit the decision about the bed choices. That is good; you won’t have to look at beds out of your budget range. We will also show you alternative beds here at Bedcide, beds that you might not of been aware of so have never considered, there are some truly great option out there and lots of cool ideas for guest beds.


Bed material and the various styles

Now a type of frame is a personal choice, but sometimes it depends on the room for the bed. You wouldn’t want to put a large Sofabed in the kid’s room. If the room is rather small, you might want to use cool bunk beds, so the kids can have overnight slumber parties and you get more bed for your buck so to speak and takes up less room. After you’ve decided on the frame, then you have to decide on the type of mattress — of which there are many to choose.

Types of Mattresses

  • Inner Coil Spring – These mattresses are covered with foam, so you don’t feel the springs. They have 3 to 4 inch springs, joined at the top and bottom.
  • Pocket Coil Springs – These are 2 inch springs compressed and housed in a fabric type pocket. Each spring is attached to the next spring. This isolates the movement of sleeping partners.
  • Foam – Memory Foam mattresses are the most popular because they mimic your body when sleeping. They are made from visco-elastic foam.
  • Poured Polyurethane – These are made by Marriott Hotel Bed and are less firm the foam mattresses. They are a comfortable sleep as they are less prone to trap and radiate the heat from your body. You can also find latex foam mattresses; however, many people are allergic to latex. Check the mattress material closely, so you don’t end up with latex if you have a problem with it.
  • Air Mattresses – These are great mattresses and come in various forms. A great feature also on some air mattresses that they include the ability to adjust each side of the bed for partners who like varying firmness in a mattress.
  • Pillow-top – These are down filled for softness with an underlying firmness to the mattress. There is a controversy about the down compressing and creating permanent lumps. Normally, you can’t flip this mattress.
  • Plush-top – These are the same as pillow-tops but not as cuddly. They compress down more than the pillow-tops.


The perfect mattress – memory foam is the choice of many

We all have heard of memory foam mattresses and they are probably the most popular, originally developed by NASA for space cushions. You can get memory foam mattresses in two forms these days, it the full version or if you already have a mattress you can add to it with a memory foam mattress topper. The foam molds itself around the body giving you full support all over and you will be amazed at the difference it can make to your existing mattress just placing a memory foam mattress topper on top.


Down under the mattress

Whatever you do – don’t skimp on the boxed springs. If possible, match the boxed springs to the mattress. Most mattresses come as a set.  Sleeping should be relaxing, but trying to save money on some of the cheap boxed springs will only make your back hurt. That is not to say there are not some great bargains to be had cause going cheap doesn’t always mean you are losing comfort. No there are some great budget buys out there which can make you great savings and still give you a great night sleep in ultimate comfort.


Is the bed going to be right for me?

This is a good question as people have lots of different preferences and what they consider as comfortable. So it is best to maybe visit your local bed store beforehand and test to see what type of bed and mattress combination you are after. It would also give you a chance to maybe try out one of those cool beds you’ve seen and always wanted to sample to see just how comfortable they actually are like a water bed, air mattress or adjustable bed. Bed stores expect you to lie down and try the beds and you should! Otherwise, you won’t know if it’s a fit or not. Lay how you normally do when using your bed. If you read propped up to the headboard, try it out!

There are many hotel chains that have the bed you want to purchase. Take a weekend getaway and check out the beds in Westin, Hilton, or the Marriott hotels. That way you’ll know if you like the bed aka mattress, before you purchase it.


Where to shop though

Yeah you will find that most department stores will be much more expensive that buying online. I still use the department stores to try and sample things but always do my buying online as you can save so much more, sometimes up to 50% can be saved on items bought online and most of the major stores have websites anyway. I advise for you to just shop around and see which online retailers are offering the best prices and it also gives you a chance to read the online reviews. It’s one thing I love about Amazon to be able to simply see what others think of a product and their experiences with it can be so valuable. Buying a product without reviews is daunting I know, I call it buying blind but sometimes there simply isn’t any reviews or it could be a brand new product so I don’t if I can help buy without reading a review but sometimes you have to.


Always check the warranty

Don’t buy any bed if you can help it that doesn’t have a warranty including with it. Most mattresses have up to a 10 year warranty, while others have a 20 to 30 year warranty. It depends on the manufacturer, but try and be sure it does have one. Believe it or not, there are scams out there on mattresses.  Your new cool modern bed might not last even 6 months if there is no warranty and you’d be back to square one again and have to look for another one, sometimes paying that bit extra can end up saving you money.


Don’t forget the bedding

The best way to outfit your new bed is to purchase some bedding set to go with it. Beds come in lots of sizes like single, king size, California king, queen, twin and split, so you must look for bedding that is going to fit nicely. No point in buying a huge duvet cover bedding set for a California King sized bed and put it on a single bed. Also, remember to purchase a mattress protector of some kind to protect the mattress from any accidents and also make the mattress last a lot longer than it would without one.


Choosing a bed for the kids

Beds for kids come in all sizes and shapes including cars, spaceships, and friendly animals. There are literally hundreds of various styles of kid’s bed and some very creative ones too being made that are worth noting. Of course your child grows rapidly so when buying you want to take this into consideration, just how long are you expecting the bed to last? It is best to think forward a little and sum up how many years you want little Anne or David’s bed to last her or him and then buy a suitable bed.


Choosing a bed for the guest

When choosing what will be best guest bed solution, you do have lots of options to either convert a spare room in your house to be a guest room with its own permanent set up bed or if space is an issue then to consider a guest bed that can be brought out or transformed as and when a guest comes over to stay. There are many different types to consider such as a rollaway bed, sofabed, air mattresses, and futon beds. You want to mainly consider just how often you have guests over to how much you will spend and the practicalities of where the bed is going to be used.


So the bottom line on beds

No matter the type, size, or style of bed, whether it’s beds for kids, cool bunk beds, memory foam mattress topper, or king size bed, do your research beforehand and then search for the best buys. It will help relieve the stress of so many choices of beds.  Remember, you’ll most likely have the bed for many years, so it should be one that fits your budget as well as your back.


Each night, when I go to sleep, I die. And the next morning, when I wake up, I am reborn…

 Mahatma Gandhi


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