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Best Alternative Mattress Topper Pad To A Memory Foam One

Best Alternative Mattress Topper Pad To A Memory Foam One

So what are you options if you are in search of something that is not memory foam and seeking a more traditional type of topper for your bed, well there are some great cotton mattress topper pads on the market that come waterproof too and are truly luxurious, also they come being allergy free. These can be great alternatives to a memory foam mattress topper and can give your current mattress that extra bit more protection, meaning the life of your mattress will be even more extended.

There is I guess quite a bit of confusion with mattress toppers, pads, cover, mattress protectors. Let me see if I can clear a little of the confusion up for you, a mattress protector is usually a thin sheet that attached to your proper mattress to protect it from spillages, dust mites and is also referred to by the name topper or mattress pad so people often get confused. A topper is more of an extension to your mattress which also gives added protection and comfort. I wouldn’t get too caught up in the words used to describe these things anymore as the phrases are often used to describe the same thing I just think a mattress protector is more about giving full protector to your mattress whilst a topper pad is more about comfort and adding also some protection to your mattress.

So if you have a regular mattress I would maybe look into a mattress topper pad, be it memory foam or cotton quilted one and it will give you much more comfort and a better night’s sleep whilst if you already have an expensive comfy mattress then to protect it I would be looking at a mattress protector, hope that clears up some of the confusing anyhow.

A cotton quilted pad is a great alternative and can double up as a protector too as well as being comfortable

cotton mattress topper pad usually comes in a nice luxurious quilted form than can be tied with straps to your mattress, this can enhance the comfort of your mattress and also providing more warmth during the winter months. Some even come that are waterproof like the Sleep Tite one we recommend below, it is a 100% Waterproof five-sided mattress protecter and shields the mattress underneath from seat, bodily fluids and dead skin which can all damage your mattress after a while and lead to its life being considerable shorter.

Snugness and warmth is important to you, then maybe a woolen one

You can also get other types of mattress topper pads like woolen pads which are very much like cotton ones but are very soft to touch and you feel it underneath you much more, a little like sleeping on a thick sheep skin rug Also with a woolen pad you are getting a much warmer pad for winter as wool is a natural insulator but then again you might feel too warm in the warmer summer months. Also having a woolen pad you will find after a while or so the wool will start to feel less soft and may need to be brought back to life with a steam cleaner to get it all nice and fluffy again. Woolen pads are that much bit more expensive, but I think are well worth the investment to get a lovely snug warm pad to really change your mattress into something else entirely, the two recommended below come highly recommended and are great alternative to a memory foam mattress topper.

Going Latex, this is when comfort is the main thing you are looking for

There’s also latex that is used also as a material for a mattress pad, the have a great lifespan and often natural pads will contain some latex in the core as well as having wool or cotton for the actual cover, this provides a more luxurious softer comfort pad but does tend to make the price higher. Latex is amazingly resilient and springy and is certainly the most close to a memory foam topper for its comfort and springy ability to mould to the body. When you get off the latex it quickly springs back into place. It’s also like memory foam in the fact it is ideal for people who like a firmer sleep surface yet still retaining softness.

So it’s really up to you which alternative to a memory foam mattress topper you think would work best for you, we have listed our favourites from the ones we had a good look at and came recommended to us but have a good shop around and maybe even visit a store to see which pad topper is going to be right for your needs.


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