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Best Heated Mattress Topper Pad

Best Heated Mattress Topper Pad

Maybe you are in search of something that is going to keep you snug and warm during the cold winter months and you don’t like the idea of a heated blanket well why not try a heated mattress topper pad. Being cold at night can be horrible and especially when its one of them really cold nights when you can’t fall to sleep cause you are so freezing, even with a nice large duvet cover over you.

That’s when you might want to consider getting a heated topper for your mattress, they can heat up the full length of your mattress and provide continual heat throughout the night. I’d look for one that is going to be low voltage to save you energy and not have bulky wires coming out like you find on electric blankets.

The best one I came across is the Warming Mattress Pad by Soft Heat as they use these soft heat pads with ultra thin wires that can barely be felt and not produce any annoying hot or cold spots. They are very clever and keep a convenient automatic temperature that gives you full control of what temperature you should desire . It also has a built-in a protection for over temperatures that simply shuts off when it gets too warm and becomes uncomfortable. They are made from 80% poly and 20% cotton and are completely machine washable and dry without any shrinkage or change to the topper.

Warning about them though, I wouldn’t recommend using one of these on a water-bed because of the obvious lol but not either on an inflatable mattress, folding bed, sofabed, futon, etc. These are designed for traditional beds and mattresses and also I wouldn’t either use them alongside another electric pad or blanket.

Are they dangerous though to use, the electric part has me scared?

Well with anything electric you should always be careful and keep away from water, you should also make sure that your electric supply is running as it should and nothing dangerous is happening with the current, that said always look for a low voltage one and read through the instruction where it will tell you much more about what to check for and what to avoid when using them. But of course they are safe as they will go through so many safety checks before being allowed on the market, just look around and buy from a respected manufacturer and not some cheap one you see from a guy selling at the side of a road.

Some of the cheaper ones also lack the controls of the more expensive ones and will just be a simple on and off switch with not give you any control over what heat to have or when to shut off when it becomes too warm, sometimes you may be ok with it only really being for the rare odd cold night but its nice to know I think that the topper has some sort of automatic control and will keep the heat at a comfortable level that is constantly monitored with the intelligent sensors on the pads.

Does it have any other benefits other than being warm?

Yes they can also be great for pain relief and especially for sufferers of lower back pain, arthritis or other muscle and joint complaints, having some constant heat to the areas and not allowing them to get too cold will be of huge benefits to the sufferer. Also they are so much more effective than just an electric blanket because the heat is underneath the body and as it rises up it has to pass through the body keeping you all snug and warm and not like an electric blanket because the heat off these is mainly escaping so not even benefiting you as it rises up above you.


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