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Best Sofa Futon Frame

Best Sofa Futon Frame

Some people are new to the option of a futon sofa frame bed instead of a traditional sofabed, it like a traditional sofabed doubles up as a comfy extra seat during the daytime but at night can be quickly turned into a nice modern looking bed. A futon sofa bed usually comes without the actual futon mattress, which can be purchased separately in the color and quality of your choice.

In design they look basic and very much like a wooden or metal garden seat but most of the ones I saw were made of a quality wood and metal and that could be easily reclined into its bed shape with very little effort. They are fairly new to the market and probably lots of people don’t even know that they even exist but they offer a great bed and seat when chosen with a quality futon mattress.


Why don’t they have a mattress already with them then?

Not quite sure why they seem to all come with just the frame, I think it will be because it gives you the option to choose exactly what futon mattress will be right for you and then go on to buy a cover that can suit your decor, it leaves you very much being able to find and create a customized sofabed and futon mattress yourself and match it to your guest’s room. There are lots of sofabeds about but you are pretty much stuck with a certain color when you buy one so choosing the right one in the beginning becomes more important. With a futon sofa and having the ability to choose a color of the cover that is going to be right for you, means that you can move the couch into another room or decorate a room and then change the futon cover if you need to.

I would suggest testing out some futon mattresses and doing some research, check out our page on futon mattresses alone as they even on their own can make for a great spare bed for a guest to sleep on. But with a frame you have the added bonus of a nice spare seat and for any extra quests to have a good sleep on.

For space issues these type of guest beds can be an ideal solution, as the increase in price of homes, more and more people are buying real estate to fit their budgets and are having to sacrifice maybe the spare room for quests, with one of these great options as a sofa and bed together, they can be a great investment and an answer to the lack of spare quest room facility with its own normal permanent bed setup.


 To be a sofa or not to be a sofa

Well in the strictest sense a futon sofa is not quite a sofa like we know it, the futon itself derives from Japan and these types of mattresses are found in nearly every Japanese home. The Japanese people are very practical and they invented them to be simply a really comfortable place to sleep at night but during the daytime when they awake to be simply and quickly folded away compactly out-of-the-way until night-time arrives again, giving the home that much more space available to do things and the room not just having to be used as a bedroom. Futons have for a few years now been made all around the world and are proving to be a great hit all over the place. They are amazingly comfortable and the fact that they can be so quickly folded away into a closet and out of sight is a really good thing when freeing up space in a room or home.

So from the futon mattress someone came up with the great idea of a sofa frame structure to turn the mattress into a sofa during the daytime but being an option for a bed during the night,  then you can utilize the mattress both day and night. The popularity of futon sofas is growing by the day and people like the fact they can customize the covers and have a great spare guest bed that doubles up as a nice couch.


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