Choosing Lighting for a Bedroom

Choosing Lighting For A Bedroom
Choosing Lighting For A Bedroom
Choosing Lighting for a Bedroom

A bedroom should be a calming oasis where relaxation takes place. Soft fabrics, soothing colors, and a comfortable bed will all help to create this atmosphere, but don’t discount the power of lighting for a bedroom. Low lighting can calm the spirits, create a romantic mood, and prepare the brain for sleep. Even kids bedrooms, while usually featuring brighter colors and themes than an adult bedroom, need appropriate lighting.


The Ceiling

Lighting for a bedroom comes in various forms. One of the first to consider is the ceiling light. The bedroom ceiling lighting should have the ability to be very bright—illuminating all corners of the room. This is practical for cleaning, getting dressed, or other activities that require a lot of light. Some options for ceiling lighting are chandeliers, light kits on ceiling fans, and pot lighting. Pot lighting could be added to the ceiling in addition to a central light. Consider putting ceiling lighting on a dimmer for more control of the ambiance.


Bedside Lighting

Bedside lamps are the first option to consider in bedside lighting. Typically these are used as people are getting ready for bed, but they can also be used for reading. If this is the case, specific reading lamps could be a good option. Another concern could be adults who need to go the bathroom frequently—in this case lamps with night lights could be ideal. Leaving the night light on will allow for easy access to the bathroom without disturbing a partner by switching on a light.

Another option for bedside lighting would be swing arm lamps attached to the wall. This is preferable if there is no space for side tables. This is also a way to free up space on the surface of a bedside table. Yet another option would be pendant lights that hang from the ceiling. Other Bedroom Lighting

A variety of lighting for a bedroom will create a multifaceted bedroom that caresses the senses. If you don’t have pot lights, consider having bedroom lamps other than beside lighting. Lighting for a bedroom can include standing lamps, lamps on dressers, interesting and decorative pendent lights, and ceiling lights. A beautiful or unique pendent light in the corner of a bedroom can really add a level of elegance.


Lighting for Kids Rooms

Kid’s rooms don’t need quite the variety of lighting that an adult room does, but there are still a few essentials that should be included. Kids’ lighting is also a great way to add some really cute or cool decorative accents. Bedside lamps can have a beautiful ballerina or an awesome care as the base. Most kids’ rooms benefit greatly from a night light—whether or not the child is afraid of the dark. This can help the parents see what’s happening in the room at night, in addition to letting a child safely traverse the floor. A separate night light might not be necessary, since another option is a kid’s lamp with night light attached.

Whether child or adult, single or married, or female or male lighting for a bedroom should never be ignored. Make living and sleeping much easier by getting the proper lighting for a bedroom!

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