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Folding Bed – The Best Portable Bed Solutions

Folding Bed — The Best Portable Bed Solutions

Another very popular solution for a guest bed is a folding bed, as they can be very comfortable to sleep on and have the great bonus of portability, easy to pack away out of sight when not in use, either in the attic, loft, cellar, junk room etc, all neatly out-of-the-way until your next guest chooses to stay around your house.

Do you get a mattress with them or do you purchase this separate?

Yeah with these folding beds, they usually come just as frames so you can buy a mattress that is going to suit your needs more yourself, maybe you won’t be using the bed all that often so a basic mattress will do but for ultimate comfort. I would recommend you have a look for a memory foam mattress, something like a 10-14 inch one that will fit the frame as they come in all sorts of sizes so you’ll need to find a mattress that matches you folding bed size of course.

When you are short of space it can be a blessing to know that you don’t have to have it out all the time or you don’t have to waste a full room for just when you have a guest over as it can be simply set up anywhere you choose, within reason obviously, you will have to have enough space to open the bed out, but it does give you more options than a sofabed that would be clumsy to move around to where ever the guest wanted to sleep.

They are also a great extra bed for when you have a designated guest room in your home but for some reason you have someone or a couple extra that also wanted to stop the night or a few nights then a folding bed would be an ideal solution to pitch up for them and keep everyone happy.

How comfy are these type of beds, will my guests get an aching back?

You would be surprised just how comfy folding beds have become, the ones we recommend that are listed below are exceptionally comfortable when you pair it off with a memory foam mattress. This gives the bed a whole new level of comfort and would be the ideal choice when you are looking for a mattress for your folding bed frame.

Use a folding bed set up in the guest room

Sure you could use one of these as a normal bed in your guest room and buy a mattress that will be permanently out with the bed in your room and not only as a temp guest bed that is stored away. The folding beds listed here will hold a regular style of mattress no problem. Lots of people think they have to spend lots of money on a bed frame and these are only temporary beds for guests to fold up and store away. Not the case at all, many people are using these as their main bedroom beds, they are quality and sturdy and go very well with a memory foam mattress, you will get a shock just how great a saving you can make when buying one of these as you main bed or to serve as a really comfy guest bed when you have them over.

So these beds do have many uses as a great solid guest bed in your guest room and paired with a nice comfy memory foam mattress will give it even extra levels of comfort or simply as a stored away bed for when you need it. and that can be quickly put up when you have a guest coming over. They also are great to use when you are renovated or moving house, decorating a bedroom is sometimes not very easy and with busy schedules fitting it in to start and finish in the same day can be difficult, so having a spare folding double bed like one of these you can set it up someplace and have a comfy sleep, until the next day when you get back into the decorating.

Lastly so have a good look around at some folding beds and mattresses to go with them and see what prices you can find, the ones we list below come highly recommended, but of course there are plenty of other options for you to explore, remembering you sometimes get what you play for so opting to get a really cheap folding bed frame might not always work out the way you hope, you save money initially maybe but the bed might not with stand too much weight or might soon wear out. Reading reviews with most things can help you get a good picture of when a product is worthwhile looking more into.


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