Ideas For Boys Bedroom

Ideas For Boys Bedroom
Ideas For Boys Bedroom
Ideas For Boys Bedroom

Boys’ bedrooms don’t need to be boring! Little boys are still open to bright colors—just not girly colors—and fun themes. Create a really exciting boys room by playing around with color, furniture, and wall decorations. Ideas for boy’s bedroom are really quite numerous. Narrow it down by considering the little guy’s likes and interests—favorite hobbies, toys, colors, and movie or TV characters. It’s fun and exciting times helping your mom and dad decide how your new room is going to look and give them some choices.


Boys Room Decor

What exactly makes up a boy’s room decor? The basics are a bed, storage furniture, lighting, and bedding. Extras would be desks, curtains, rugs, chairs, and lamps. All of these can be used when decorating a boy’s bedroom. Usually these are selected after choosing some possible ideas for boy’s bedroom.


Choose a Theme

A theme will really help create kids bedroom ideas. Here are some possibilities—sports, boats, cars, trucks, planes/flying, forests, camping, hunting, army, jungles, animals, dinosaurs, space, or super heroes. On the other hand, a more color based theme may be practical since it can usually transition well as a boy’s interests change. Boys usually like earth tones, but smaller boys are still open to bright reds, oranges, blues, and yellows.


The Bed

Today there are some really interesting and unique designs available for kid’s beds. Browsing different beds may be an excellent way to find children’s bedroom ideas.

Boy’s bunk beds or loft style beds are a really fun choice for a little boy. Whether the bedroom is for one boy or two, a bunk bed can be practical and cool. When looking for ideas for boy’s bedroom, be sure to consider a bunk or loft style bed. Bunk beds come in all types of configurations these days, the lower bed can be a double or it can be a single that is positioned at 90 degree angle from the top bed. Loft style beds are great because the boy can experience sleeping I the top bunk and plenty of space is left underneath for a dresser, desk, or play area. Get a loft bed for each boy if both want to sleep up top!

Vehicle beds are one really cool type of bed available to boys. These come in a variety of types—car beds, boat beds, truck beds, and even plane beds. If a boy really likes a type of vehicle, he’ll find it thrilling to sleep in one of these beds.


The Bedding

In a bedroom, the bedding is one of the big opportunities for color and pattern. When trying to find ideas for boys bedroom browse through different bed sets for boys. When the little boy sees one he particularly likes—in his favorite colors, with his favorite characters, or a favorite interest—then the whole room can be designed around the bedding. A boys bedding set is available in almost any topic or pattern—cars bedding, dinosaurs bedding, sports bedding and much more.


Let Him Help

Whatever happens while finding ideas for boys bedroom, be sure to let him help. If he’s quite young, give him some controlled choices. If he’s older, more freedom may be appropriate. After parents finish decorating the room, the little boy will be sure to be filled with excitement and happiness. That makes it all worth it!

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Some Bedroom Inspiration For Boys

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