Ideas For Girls Bedroom

Ideas For Girls Bedroom
Ideas For Girls Bedroom
Ideas For Girls Bedroom

As adorable toddlers graduate into big girl beds, a room makeover will excite and delight them. The number of ideas for girl’s bedroom can be overwhelming, but the choices can be narrowed down by picking a starting point. Choose a theme for the girl’s room decor and begin there or start with one feature like the bed or bedding. Always take the little girls opinion into consideration and allow her to be involved by giving her some controlled choices. Parents should remember that this room isn’t for them!



Kid’s bedroom ideas are often based on a theme. Commonly, themes are derived from a child’s favorite television show or movie character. More general themes can be particularly adorable—butterflies, fairies, princess, flowers, gardens, animals, polka dots, and so many other cute possibilities. Decorating a girl’s bedroom can be so much fun!

A little girl’s hobby or interest can also be a great source of ideas for girl’s bedroom. If a little girl loves ballet, then a ballerina themed bedroom will delight her. If she loves going to the zoo, then zoo animals in cute girly colors will make her happy. Many little girls love all things pink and a pink bedroom may be just the ticket. A flower loving little girl will really enjoy a garden themed bedroom with white furniture. When considering children’s bedroom ideas really think about what a child loves.



A little girl’s big girl bed is a big deal! There are many types of kid’s beds available that combine good looks with functionality. Girl’s bunk beds may be an excellent option for girls sharing a room, added storage, a little girl who often has friends over, or a girl who just want to sleep on the top bunk. Princess beds are very popular and have been for a long time. A little girl will feel very special sleeping in her own castle, Cinderella carriage, or canopied four poster bed. Make sure to browse the beds available when looking for ideas for girl’s bedroom.



Another great way to find ideas for girl’s bedroom are bed sets for girls. Just looking at all the cute and colorful options may generate ideas for a little girl’s bedroom. A little girls bedding set should be the focal point of the room—it’s the perfect place for a colorful statement. Choose butterfly themed bedding, pink sparkly bedding, multicolored polka dot bedding, or princess bedding—whatever the little girl loves!


Wall Decorations

When looking for wall decorations consider framed pictures only for a more formal look. For most other styles, wall decals are the perfect option. Stay away from the old fashioned boarders. Today a wall decal can transform a child’s room in ways never before available. Make the bedroom magical with sparkly fairy decals. Create the feeling of being in the garden with flower decals that “grow” out of the baseboard.

Working together to decorate a room can be a really fun activity for parents and children to do together. So get started on creating a little girl’s room that shines!

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Some Bedroom Inspiration For Girls

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