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Just Need A Frame – The Best Bed Frames

Just Need A Frame — The Best Bed Frames

Now most people looking for a guest bed solution don’t always want to spend the earth on a full bed that is maybe not going to get used very often and only when you have a guest over so they tend to look for cheaper alternatives. Here will shall discuss a little bit about bed frames and what great beds some of these can make to be put into a guest room for when you have friends of family over to stay.

Now one of the most awkward things to achieve when moving house or bringing in new furniture and that is moving around a sofa or a bed, not only are they huge and heavy but they are also a pain to get into a room, especially if the room upstairs or located on a corner or has a opposing wall to get around, sometimes it can be impossible to get anything big into that room. You end up having to take things to bits in order to get them to squeeze into your room. Not always practical I know and you could end losing the warranty of that item.

So being more compact and easier to fit into small room with much less hassle can be the advantage these bed frames have over a traditional bed that you buy from a bed department store. Most of the bed frames we feature here can be easily manoeuvred into small rooms and then set up in the room with your mattress on top.

A bed frame like these can be bought for a fraction of the cost of buying a complete new bed and you will have some money left over to maybe spend on one of those memory foam mattresses or use with an excising or second hand mattress if the bed won’t really get used too much, no point in spending loads on a memory foam mattress for someone to use once in a blue moon.

It’s worth noting too, some people use these metal bed frames as their regular every night beds and many prefer them for they are equally as strong, often not on those annoying wheels like lots of beds are, although you can buy metal bed frames on wheels too. You can save so much money on a bed like this and have more of a choice in what mattress to go with it.

Do they have any advantages over a wooden bed then?

Yes one of the biggest plus points in using a metal frame bed is it is going to be they are termite free and more bug free in general, they are going to be less of a fire risk of course too.

We have listed some great options below for you to decide exactly what you need, maybe you already have a bed foundation and are just seeking a new bed base, and many bed frames featured are actual full bed bases and only then require a full mattress. We have chosen three great memory foam mattresses also you might want to look into getting with your new bed frame. Of course thought you may already as was mentioned before have your own mattress to use or have purchased a second hand one.

When doing up a guest room with a bed, it pretty much all depends on budget and for how often the room is going to get used, quite often it’s just nice to have a spare bed in the spare room or storage area just for when someone comes to stay, however often that may be.

Also you may want to look up our section on folding bed frames as these are very similar related.


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