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Memory Foam Mattress Toppers – What Are The Best Toppers

Memory Foam Mattress Toppers - What Are The Best Toppers
Memory Foam Mattress Toppers - What Are The Best Toppers
Memory Foam Mattress Toppers — What Are The Best Toppers

Memory Foam Mattress Topper

A memory foam mattress topper or pad as they are sometimes referred to, is basically a layer of memory foam usually 2-4 inch thickness that goes onto your existing mattress and gives it that extra comfort that you would get from a full memory foam mattress. Its only really the top 2-4 inches on a full memory foam mattress anyway that you are getting the benefit from, as the human body doesn’t use the whole thickness of a full memory foam mattress when laid on it.

Alternative Mattress Topper

Toppers are not a new product and have been around for years actually with cotton, wool and latex all being very popular choices, they all have their advantages and it really comes down to preferences and budgets I guess to which one you want to go with, they all enhance a regular mattress and give that extra bit of comfort to enable for a much improved night’s sleep.

Heated Mattress Topper

Sometimes maybe just having that enhanced comfort topper isn’t going to be enough, especially if you live in colder regions of America and get the chilly nights, a heated mattress topper can be a great solution, to have the comfort of a topper, but also have the ability to provide heated pads to keep you nice and snug all over, they are so much better than an electric blanket, believe me.

Full Memory Foam Mattress

These get a mention on the site because they are still a great option if your current mattress is on its way out or you like the idea of having a full thickness mattress in memory foam, to make your decision on which would be the best topper for you I think knowing the benefits and the price of an actual full mattress would help you sum up what would work best for your needs.

So I’m sure you’ve come here cause you want to find out more information on toppers in general, to help you make up your mind and are in search of the best rated products in those particular categories, well you’ve come to the right place, on Bedcide we hope to help make your decision that bit easier with giving you all the facts.

We pass on our recommendations of the best current buys involving memory foam mattress toppers

We will try to keep the site up to date on recommendations and give alternative top buys in-case models are not currently available or has become obsolete. Lots of time it’s a case of a product being so popular retailers run out of supply for the product and have to wait till more stock comes in before the product is again available, so if you see a product unavailable please either be patient, see if another seller has it elsewhere online, choose an alternative model, or you could email us to ask for another recommendation, we are always pleased to hear from you and to help out in any way.

Memory foam with all its technology expenses been invested over the years in its development has now got to an affordable price for all, especially with the introduction of memory foam toppers, it’s become even more affordable, which is a great thing. It pretty much out does everything in the ultimate comfort material and was originally developed by NASA for space cushions. The foam moulds itself around the body giving you full support all over and you will be amazed at the difference it can make to your existing mattress just placing a memory foam mattress topper on top.






Does it have any other health benefits other than a good night’s sleep?

Yes there are some others, anyone who has a bed back or muscle pain anywhere can benefit with one of these, as you sink into the topper or full mattress you are being supported throughout your body so your muscles and joints are not having to strain anymore and are getting full rested. With a normal mattress if you are laid on your bad side with the strain, ache or pulled muscle you cannot fully support it and it can therfore never fully get the rest it needs to recover, the spine also with a memory foam topper, you well get full support in sleep so you reduce that awful thing of waking up with a stiff neck cause you’ve slept awkwardly. Memory foam has been used in hospitals for many years before it was available on the high street actually so medical experts saw early its ground breaking technology and advantages for people who were bed ridden to recover quicker and minimize bed sores.

How long then will it last for, does the comfort factor wear off over age?

Well a quality memory foam mattress will last years and you can be having a great night’s sleep for a long time. Just take care of it and it will take care of you, I recommend every 2 to 3 months to just turn it over and rotate it too, so what was the foot of the bed becomes the top of the bed and this will assure it will keep its shape for much longer and be fresher and ultra soft. They are fairly resilient and durable of course but just taking care of it will give it extra life. They come with good warranties also but I recommend getting a thin mattress protector too for the topper, thin ones are usually the best so that they are stain proof and still don’t take away any of the comfort benefits of the topper itself, very important seen as that’s the whole point of buying a topper, is for the comfort enhancements. So just protecting your mattress will help keep it under warranty.

I’m certainly no expert when it comes to memory foam and how they actually work but we have on our household beds, both full memory foam mattresses and toppers and could never go back to the old style of a regular mattress again, no it’s not all hype with these things, which is what I thought when we first contemplated on getting one. I’ve enjoyed creating this little site and I will be updating regularly and adding to the site, giving you more deals and reviews on products and related articles about getting a better night’s sleep.


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