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Bed Frames

Just Need A Frame – The Best Bed Frames

Now most people looking for a guest bed solution don’t always want to spend the earth on a full bed that is maybe not going to get used very often and only when you have a guest over so they tend to look for cheaper alternative...
Alternative Mattress Toppers

Best Alternative Mattress Topper Pad To A Memory Foam One

So what are you options if you are in search of something that is not memory foam and seeking a more traditional type of topper for your bed, well there are some great cotton mattress topper pads on the market that come waterpr...

The Best Full Memory Foam Mattress On The Market

So let’s discuss going the full mattress experience and seeing what all the fuss is about it. Well let’s face it a good night’s sleep is essential to feeling healthy and staying focused to do our job during th...

Heated Mattress Toppers

Best Heated Mattress Topper Pad

Maybe you are in search of something that is going to keep you snug and warm during the cold winter months and you don’t like the idea of a heated blanket well why not try a heated mattress topper pad. Being cold at night...
Mattress Protectors

What’s The Best Mattress Protector?

First question you’ll probably be asking is do I need a protector for my mattress, well that will all depend on you and if you believe these to be of any benefit to you and your needs. I think they are a great idea and if...
Memory Foam Mattress Toppers - What Are The Best Toppers
Memory Foam Mattress Toppers - What Are The Best Toppers
Memory Foam Mattress Toppers - What Are The Best Toppers

Memory Foam Mattress Toppers – What Are The Best Toppers

Memory Foam Mattress Topper A memory foam mattress topper or pad as they are sometimes referred to, is basically a layer of memory foam usually 2-4 inch thickness that goes onto your existing mattress and gives it that extra co...

Guest Beds

The Guest Bed – Only The Best For The Guest

Now choosing a guest bed is never that easy because there are so many options to consider when you come round to buying one. You have to decide just how often you are going to have a guest come over to stay, how long they are l...
Folding Beds

Folding Bed – The Best Portable Bed Solutions

Another very popular solution for a guest bed is a folding bed, as they can be very comfortable to sleep on and have the great bonus of portability, easy to pack away out of sight when not in use, either in the attic, loft, cel...
Guest Beds

The Best Sofabed – Couches That Double Up As A Bed

We have all heard of a sofabed and is probably the choice of many when it comes to an extra bed for a guest, they are great cause they can have a use whether a guest is sleeping over or not in your home and having it there is a...

Guest Beds

Best Sofa Futon Frame

Some people are new to the option of a futon sofa frame bed instead of a traditional sofabed, it like a traditional sofabed doubles up as a comfy extra seat during the daytime but at night can be quickly turned into a nice mode...
Guest Beds

Chairs That You Can Have A Sleep In

Sofabeds are a perfect choice for a guest bed cause they can have a dual use and when not in use can be a great couch to sit on and watch some TV, then come the night they can be a transformed into a bed. Not always is there ro...
Guest Beds

An Ottoman Bed Can Be A Great Guest Bed Solution

Now on to talking a little bit about using an ottoman bed for a guest bed solution, they can make a great spare bed as they can double up as a seat and look modern too in their design. They can suit many guest rooms and be part...



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