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Sleep The Japanese Way – The Best Futon Mattress

Sleep The Japanese Way — The Best Futon Mattress

Now the Japanese culture I always found very fascinating, they seem so very creative and think of things much before the western world catches on to. They certainly have to be recognized as experts in inventing one of the greatest sleeping products available today, the Japanese futon. After sleeping on a futon mattress the first time I was completely blown away with just how comfy they are and so very practical when space might be an issue. They certainly shouldn’t be overlooked when you are seeking a perfect guest bed solution. Below we will show what are the best futon mattresses available for you to have as a guest bed solution and what to look for when out shopping for one.

They also have so many uses as they can be used as a simple mattress to get out when you have a guest around and then be folded neatly up and stored away for when not needed. They are also great for placing onto a sofa futon frame and making them into a seat during the day and turning into a bed at night-time (Please see our section on sofa futon frames). Also they can be good to use as an actual mattress on a bed and replace an old mattress maybe, you will find they can be much more comfortable and you will have a better night’s sleep.

What are they made from then, why are they so comfy?

There are made from various materials, some are more comfy than others, you have search around and read reviews to what other people are saying and buy the most comfy that you think will work for you. People have different concepts of comfort; some people like softer and some people like to feel a mattress with a more firm quality. I would recommend staying away from the 100% cotton ones, you might think these would be the best but they tend to really lose their comfort levels very rapidly and are fairly hard in the first place and not great to fold and move around.

Here’s what I would look for when buying a good futon mattress.

Look for the cotton and foam mattress, they are very comfortable with a mixture of layers foam and cotton together which helps the mattress to stay in shape and have a much longer life.

Also good are polyester and cotton mattresses, they are equally as comfortable but maybe have more of firmness to them which some people like, they can last even longer than a cotton and foam mattress.

Then there is a woolen futon mattress with cotton, this is even softer than the other two and can last a very long time and the give a nice snug feel to it for when it is cold.

Lastly and the best futon mattress for comfort levels I think is a mattress made with an inner coiled spring, most of the big futon mattress makers will use a mixture of polyester, cotton, foam and coils to form the ultimate in comfort mattress, it does make them thicker in-depth of course but they still roll up neatly and most come with a bag to store away in.

So when out shopping for a futon mattress you have to consider what you and your budget can afford and just how much you will be using the mattress to determine which one you choose to buy, below we have listed the best futon mattress out there right now. You can also buy some great futon mattress covers to match the decor of a room you want to use as your guest room or where you want your guest to sleep. Happy shopping!


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