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Sleeping On Air – The Best Air Mattress For Sleeping On

Sleeping On Air — The Best Air Mattress For Sleeping On

Another really popular solution for a guest bed these days is to have an air mattress bed. We take a look the best air mattress to be used as an extra bed for a guest.

One of the good things about them is they are very quick to set up and flatten down when not in use to be easily stored away someplace out-of-the-way.

Are they better than traditional mattresses?

Well I wouldn’t think they can match a memory foam mattresses yet but yeah I have tested many air mattresses out that we feature below and would say they do feel very comfortable and surpass most traditional mattresses as they simply can hold the weight of a person more proportionately than what a traditional mattress can. Most people’s discomfort whilst sleeping comes from the all round support to the high pressure points like necks, backs, hips and legs and when you are asleep you can end up in an awkward position and not being fully supported all over equally, resulting in an ache or two when you wake up. You don’t tend to get this so much when sleeping on an air mattress as the body’s weight sinks into the bed more equally proportionate.

It’s not just me saying this either, there has been tests done to see if they had benefits over a traditional mattress and the results came back that people on the air mattress got to sleep faster, slept longer without waking and when they did wake up in the morning, all said they felt more refreshed and had a sounder sleep all-round.

I’ve slept on a camping air bed, wasn’t that great to be honest.

Well yes you are right, me too. They don’t give you the best night sleep do they I agree. But technology has moved on lots over the past 5 years and an air mattress these days have much more depth to them; they can be filled within a couple of minutes and are more the height of a regular bed, so it’s something we are more used to sleeping on. Air Mattress like the ones we featured below can be used as camping mattresses to for sure but are more made for around the home as a guest bed.

Other benefits too are with using an air mattress is there is none of those allergens to worry about as they are made from vinyl and do away that.

You also can make them even more comfy by buying a featherbed mattress pad to sit on top and when made up your guests will be amazed to how comfy they actually are, they may not want to leave though so you have to be prepared for that.

We think the best air mattress would be Endura Ease Air Sleep System as this is just a great innovative idea to have it fix onto the sofa, it should fit most regular sofas, check the measurements of your sofa first but they do fit most. People have been reporting back saying they are more comfy than their regular beds and much more comfy than a sofabed for far less the price of one, so they are a great buy and your guests will thank you for a great night’s sleep. The other ones we mention though are not to be passed up and all the ones we have featured come highly recommended.


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