Teenage Boy Room Ideas

Teenage Boy Room Ideas
Teenage Boy Room Ideas
Teenage Boy Room Ideas

As little boys become teenagers, they quickly outgrow their little boy bedrooms. At that age, having Bob the Builder plastered to the wall is just embarrassing! Like all teenage bedrooms, the room can be redecorated in a more adult style while reflecting the teen’s interests and personality. Teenage boy room ideas can be derived from a style, hobby, color scheme, or even some cool bedding. Ok it’s not going to be them paying for the room’s renovation but they are now at the age where they can give lots of input into how their room should look and what style.



Teenage boy bedrooms can be decorated based on a style. A Zen bedroom could include earth tones, organic materials, and a low slung bed. Another example would be a geometric bedroom—this could feature very square or rectangular furniture and fabric with geometric patterns. A teen boy who likes travel, could really appreciate a global inspired style.



Hobbies are another great source of cool bedroom ideas. While a teen boy may love trucks and cars as much as he did when he was little, an adult take on this theme will create an awesome bedroom. Feature large framed photos of cool cars or trucks. Sports are another possible theme. For a teenage boy, stick with just one sport. Make the room look more mature with adult furniture and framed photographs. Hunting could also provide a great theme for a teenage boy’s bedroom.


Color Schemes

Color schemes are a good approach to teenage bedroom design. Choosing more masculine colors will make teenage boys feel more like they are becoming men. An ocean loving boy will enjoy a bedroom designed in blues, while a nature loving teen will feel comfortable with greens, browns, and tans. On the other hand, a teenage boy may simply know he loves red and black. Either way, colors are great start when looking for ideas for boys bedrooms.



A really masculine bed can be a great start for finding teenage boy room ideas. Dark colors, organic materials, and clean lines usually appeal to boys. Add some functionality by finding a piece that features storage. Teenage boys will appreciate a larger size bed to accommodate their growing stature.



As the focal point of the room, teenage bedding is a really important component of the room. Shopping around for bedding can really generate teenage boy room ideas. Teenage boy bedding will be more limited than teenage girl bedding, but there are still a lot of options available. Typically boys will like stripes, geometric shapes, or solid colors. Simple patterns such as camouflage or plaid may work. Or consider a large graphic—like a beach scene. Design ideas for boys bedroom don’t have to be boring, and the bedding is a good way to spice up the room.


Wall Art

Wall art can really inspire teenage boy room ideas. More and more designers are incorporating boys’ hobbies and interests into teenage bedrooms through use of large graphics, wall decals, or murals. Graphics can be printed on wall paper to create a feature wall. For example an over-sized image of a baseball player can adorn the wall of a teen who loves that sport. A skateboard loving teenage boy will appreciate a wall mural created by a graffiti artist. Teenage boy bedroom ideas can really come together with a piece of featured art.

Whatever style or theme is chosen, teenage boy room ideas should reflect a teenage boys maturing interests and personality.

Photo source: Thanks to jinkazamah


Some Bedroom Inspiration For Teenage Boys

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