Teenage Girl Room Ideas

Teenage Girl Room Ideas
Teenage Girl Room Ideas
Teenage Girl Room Ideas

As little girls grow up, so do their tastes, desires, and style. All too soon the bedroom featuring Dora the Explorer or the Disney Princesses becomes totally unsuitable. If possible, teenage bedrooms should be redecorated to showcase a teen’s expanding personality. Moms may be tempted to take control and decorate the bedroom based on what they like, but that would be a huge mistake! The number one rule in teenage bedroom design is that the teen girl is the boss! Budgets and practical considerations should be the only limitations. For example, parents may want to insist on added storage or a study space. Keep reading for some great teenage girl room ideas.


Pick a Theme

Choosing a theme first will really help generate teenage girl room ideas. Themes such as color schemes, styles, or hobbies are the foundation of teenage girl room ideas. The teen girl may choose a pink and black color scheme or decide to go for something in varying shades of purple.

Another option would be choosing a specific style—the can really help generate design ideas for girls bedroom. For example, a Bohemian theme suggests using patchwork, gauzy material, spangles, and eclectic furniture. Other popular styles include flower garden, Asian inspired, French country, Paris chic, Hollywood glam, modern, and sophisticated princess.

Cool bedroom ideas can also be found through a hobby based theme. It’s easy to create mature versions of sports, ballerina, music, art, theatre, equestrian, or fashion themed bedrooms. For example, create a more adult ballerina room by focusing on glamorous pinks while including large framed ballerina themed wall art.



When trying to come up with teenage girl room ideas, the bed and bedding can be a great starting point. The focal point of the room will be the bed after all! Choose a bed by considering both aesthetics and functionality. For more storage, find a bed with drawers underneath or even a loft style bed. The aesthetics of the bed will really depend on the look of the room. A white wrought iron bed frame would be perfect for French style bedrooms. A very low, wooden platform bed will fit in well in a Zen or nature based bedroom.



Next, some cute bedding will really set the tone of the room. There are so many styles available of teenage girl bedding! When choosing the bedding, don’t be afraid to go all out—a teen can use bright colors and awesome styles that won’t work later in life. In fact, teenage bedding could be the starting point for the room. The wide selection of styles available make it a great way to find teenage girl room ideas.


Wall Decorations

When looking for ideas for girls bedrooms, some teens or parents may focus on the wall color first. Consider choosing a neutral or doing one colorful focal wall. Huge splashes of color can be added through decorations and accessories. Framed art or photographs are one traditional option for decorating the wall. Wall decals are a great option for teenage girl bedrooms.  Not only are they beautiful and unique, but they are easily removable.

When looking for teenage girl room ideas, the sky is limit!  With all the options available, creating a fun, glamorous, or exciting room will be easy. Get started!

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Some Bedroom Inspiration For Teenage Girls

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