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The Best Full Memory Foam Mattress On The Market

The Best Full Memory Foam Mattress On The Market

So let’s discuss going the full mattress experience and seeing what all the fuss is about it. Well let’s face it a good night’s sleep is essential to feeling healthy and staying focused to do our job during the day so yeah it is just a little bit important we try to help with these matters and try to make your sleep the quality deep sleep experts go on about . The recommended length of a good night’s sleep is around 6-8 hours, if your spending all that time lying down on something you might as well do it in comfort and not on some hard mattress that isn’t doing your back any good or an overly soft mattress that is not supporting you properly.

A good mattress should mold the body and support every muscle, having a good quality mattress can be amazing for helping with the quality of sleep and keeping you in a totally relaxed state when you are asleep, resting every part of you.

So what makes these memory foam mattresses so popular, where did they come from?

Well memory foam first came about in the 1960s by scientists called Chiharu Kubokawa and Charles A Yost when they were testing out how to make aircraft cushions more safer for Nasa’s Ames Research Center. It is actually a mixture of polyurethane mixed with other additional chemicals giving its supreme soft density and making it so comfy to sit or lie down on, kind of strong but soft also if that makes any sense. Basically the heat of the body softens the memory foam very slowly as you increase pressure on its surface which allows it to slowly mold to your bottom or whole body in the case of the mattress.

So Charles A Yost thought of a bigger picture after the great discovery and decided to test it on a more commercial prototype and he started up a company called Dynamic Systems, he had vision of the memory foam being great for so many products, mainly medical and sports related to begin with. He then sold the product though after developing certain medical products and sport products to another company called Becton who simply loved the idea and had more plans to make even more of a range of products out of it. The only trouble was though, in its early development stages the whole process of the chemicals during its production would often be very unreliable and it wasn’t successful every time, this led to huge headaches for the manufacturer.

Then in the early 1980s NASA decided to release it to the public domain in hope someone could at least work wonders with it and up stepped a company called Fagererdala World Foams who had their scientists test and test it until their product the Tempur-Pedic Swedish Mattress was born in 1991 and Tempur World was born. Back then it was still very expensive to produce, like most new products so became very much a medical only product helping patients who were bed ridden for long periods of time, then through time they worked on producing the stuff much more cheaply and it became very popular in the manufacturer of mass market cushions and mattresses.

The memory foam mattress we see today is simply awesome and come in so many varieties and grades you have to be careful to seek out one of them that is going to be good for you and budget, so the obvious thing to look for when buying, is the memory foam thickness and its pretty much all in the thickness density so to speak, with what make it say an 8 ” thick foam mattress, which would be very comfy to some people and they would prefer this. On the other hand some people might prefer to have an even thicker mattress, the thicker the mattress, the more luxurious and softer it becomes, the price though also goes up unfortunately so you have to decide which thickness is right for you budget.

Will they last then, I don’t want to be buying one to often at these prices?

Well yeah these do last thankfully and come with very good warranties, most companies that make them give you 10 years warranty but these days it’s even more common to find them giving you a 20 year warranty with the mattress, so yeah these will last you years and bring you many a great nights sleep.

So I suggest you shop around and maybe start at the ones we’ve listed below to see if any could be right for you, I would opt for the thickest one your budget will allow, as with most things you do get what you pay for and opting for the cheapest might not give you that amazing night’s sleep you crave, will it be better than a spring mattress, well probably but I think it’s worth the investment to get the thickest one you can afford and read some reviews from buyers and see what they are saying.

Lastly and one thing to remember when buying is to do your research on the memory foam mattress and check it’s actually genuine memory foam and not imitation memory foam because lots of manufacturers claim all sorts of things with their products and claim them to be memory foam when they are not, basically if it appears to be so much cheaper than a real memory foam one then it might not be 100% memory foam. I always find its best to go with the flow, if people rave about something on Amazon and they like it then so many people can’t be wrong can they, or you might want to contact the company and see if they offer any sort of trial period to try to test out the mattress for a certain amount of days and see it it’s going to suit you.


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