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The Best Sofabed – Couches That Double Up As A Bed

The Best Sofabed — Couches That Double Up As A Bed

We have all heard of a sofabed and is probably the choice of many when it comes to an extra bed for a guest, they are great cause they can have a use whether a guest is sleeping over or not in your home and having it there is also a relief cause you have somewhere to sleep for a guest when you have one coming to stay or even a couple as with a sofabed they can be big enough to turn into a double bed, so have that advantage over a sleeper chair or a guest bed that is really only a single.

Having extra space to allow for guests is something most families like, because they certainly can have their uses when maybe a party over runs and maybe someone has had too much to drink, or relatives are visiting that want to stay for a few days, a gathering of friends, a children’s sleep over or even if you have someone around your house and the weather takes a turn for the worse and it’s safer for them to stays over.

A sofabed is great also to have in a child’s bedroom cause not only does it give them some independence to watch the TV, or play a game but also they have a spare bed for when they have their friends over. It can be a costly job having a spare bed that will get rarely used and it is much easier to have a sofabed that converts quickly into a bed for the friend. You can of course buy a smaller child’s version of the sofabed for the friends when they come over to sleep on but in my recommendation you are probably best in buying a full size sofabed so that your children will get use out of for many years to come when they grow and would also be good enough for an adult if they end up wanting to use it.


Do sofabeds require special size sheets?

No you can pretty much make them up when your guest is ready with simply adding a regular double bed size sheet around the mattress and providing them with a duvet cover to keep them warm, most sofa bed are quick and easy to adjust and can be converted into their bed form by simply pushing out at the bottom of the sofa. Look for instructions on the side or in a manual that comes with the sofabed, the ones I’ve come across have all been a simple process than takes very little effort.

The price for a decent sofabed I think is around $500 – $800 but you can also consider perhaps having the cheaper option of getting a futon style sofa bed, we’ve listed the  Bi-Fold Sofa Bed Futon Frame below as it comes with its own futon mattress but gives you have the choice to the customize it yourself by choosing a desirable cover, something that is going to suit the decor of the chosen room. You may also like to check out our futon sofa frames section of our site though for some more options.

When you consider what you are actually getting when you purchase a sofabed then the cost does actually seems like a quite the bargain, think about how much it would actually cost to buy a sofa and a bed separately and then finding space for both of them.


Go and test them out and see what is right for you or read some reviews online

Anyway shop around and see what sofabeds are available, there are lots to choose from but also there are quite a few bad ones around, maybe if you can head to your nearest department store and check some out and see what is on offer. One I used to have years ago was just average at best and was not all that comfy as an actual sofa, not for long periods that’s for sure. They were also in the past reserved for the annoying aunt or second cousin that you always got the terrible Christmas gift from as a form of punishment so they would never ask to stay over again lol, but these days they have come a long way in their design and comfort and you can buy some really top-notch ones that you can sit on for ages and not really know they are also a bed.

So either look further into our suggestions for a sofabed that we’ve listed below, with today’s real estate market being what it is and people downsizing all the time, buying one of these can be a great addition to any home and can save you so much space without having to have a special guest room specifically for the guest, when they may want to come around. Sometimes it’s just not practical if you don’t have guest over too much and if you did have a spare room you could consider using it for something else like a study or home office and set up the sofabed in their for when a guest may come along.


Recommended Options 

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