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The Guest Bed – Only The Best For The Guest

The Guest Bed — Only The Best For The Guest

Now choosing a guest bed is never that easy because there are so many options to consider when you come round to buying one. You have to decide just how often you are going to have a guest come over to stay, how long they are likely to stay, space issues are also a major factor when coming to choose as are if you want the bed to be set our on a permanent basis or just brought out when a guest is here. So we have listed all of the options below for you to sum up which would make the right guest bed for you.


Folding Guest Bed

This is a great option to have, as certain folding beds made today can be awesome as normal everyday beds and are extremely comfortable when used with a memory foam mattress. They can be set up in a guest room permanently or used as a portable option to be stored away in a loft, attic or spare room, brought out only when you have guests over. They can be purchased in a variety of sizes too from single to king size.


Guest Sofabed

Also a good option here is the sofabed for its dual-use advantages, use as an everyday sofa until you have guests over, then transform it into a comfy bed for them to sleep in during the night. There are many sofabeds that are made today to suit all budgets, they come with varied amounts of comfort but I think they have come a long way from what they used to be like when they were first introduced with comfort levels. Also you can now buy a futon mattress sofabed which make for a great example of a comfy sofabed that won’t break the bank.


Sofa Futon Frame Only

Many makers of futon frame sofabeds choose to offer you just the frame so you can purchase yourself how thick a futon mattress you want and choose a futon mattress cover that is going to suit the room you are wanting the sofa to be situated, leaving you to pretty much get a great sofabed which will match the room’s decor.


Guest Sleeper Chair

As well as sofabed, sleeper chairs are now becoming popular as a choice for a guest bed, they are not a bulky as a sofabed, a lot less expensive and can make for the ideal choice for people with space issues.


Guest Futon Mattress

Some people want a guest bed that is going to be easy to bring out only when you actually have a guest around, so a futon mattress alone can be an awesome choice for something more portable that will store way¬† easy. The great futon mattress that originates from Japan is one invention thats finding its way into many American homes in the last 5 years, mainly due to the fact it’s just so comfy to sit and sleep on.


Guest Air Mattress

Another portable choice for many is an air mattress, they can be easily pumped up and offer a very comfortable night’s sleep but also deflated down to a small size for people with limited space to store away someplace. These are not just for people with limited space though as I’d say these do compete with the comfiest guest beds on the market, if you buy a quality one.


Guest Bed Frame

Often in a guest bedroom buying a complete bed isn’t always an option and when you only have a guest over every so often it wouldn’t be financially the right move. So many people look for cheaper alternatives. These bed frames are very popular which is why we are mentioning them on the website as an option for a guest bed, sure you have to already have a mattress or buy one separately but they make for quality heavy-duty beds and can save you lot of money on buying a whole new bed from a specialized bed store. They also make for great regular beds to be used every night in a normal bedroom.


Guest Ottoman Bed

Lastly and worth a mention as a guest bed, is an ottoman bed, during the daytime its a simple ottoman but at night can be used as a bed, there isn’t a whole lot of them about on the market but they could be a good option for someone wanting an extra seat bench to sit on and something smallish for a guest bedroom or spare room when you have people over.

So I’m sure you’ve come here cause you are after finding a great solution for your guest bedroom or some sort of guest bed that can be just brought out when you really need one, on The Guest Bed.com we will be looking over some great options and recommendations, as well as extra information to help you making that decision quicker and not having you to search around not knowing truly or exactly what it is you are after.


We pass on our recommendations of the best current buys in guest beds

We will try to keep the site up to date on recommendations and give alternative top buys in-case models are not currently available or has become obsolete. Lots of time it’s a case of a product being so popular retailers run out of supply for the product and have to wait till more stock comes in before the product is again available, so if you see a product unavailable please either be patient, see if another seller has it elsewhere online, choose an alternative model, or you could email us to ask for another recommendation, we are always pleased to hear from you and to help out in any way.

So choosing the right size bed is very important when you come to decide what to buy for a guest room. Most of the time a guest room is the smallest in the house or might also be used to store things like children toys of gym equipment, so getting the biggest bed is simply not going to work and could often over power the room, you want to pick something that is going to compliment the room’s size and style, consider a portable option like a fold away bed or a bed that can be used for something else. Some bed makers these days are getting very creative when it comes to making fold-aways and having wardrobes, love seats, bed in the walls and book cases that can be doubled up as bed, however some do come at a hefty price.

Below is a great solution of turning your everyday livingroom sofa into a guest bed, quite a genius idea and an ideal solution to not having to buy a complete sofabed but providing your guest a really comfy night’s sleep.






Do I choose to have a guest bedroom or not?

It’s not always the best solution to have an actual room devoted to your guests unless you are a one of them households with people always coming around. The average American household will have their guest bed only slept in maybe 10-15 times a year, so it doesn’t always make much sense in having a room simply devoting to such a few nights use in a year. Much better to use the spare room for maybe something else like a study, office, playroom for the kids and have a guest bed option that could fit nicely in the room or one that is simply to be brought out just for those nights someone would come around.


They are however great to own one or two and allow your friends or family to stay the night

If you are part of a large family or have lots of friends, there will be often be parties and small get-togethers that may over run, the weather maybe exceptionally bad or for whatever reason people want to stay the night, so having a guest bed/beds that can be easily got out and set up is a great option to have. With so many different options there are beds to suit all budgets and with the quality of some of the guest beds made today some of your guests won’t want to go home.

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