Toddler Boy Room Ideas

Toddler Boy Room Ideas
Toddler Boy Room Ideas
Toddler Boy Room Ideas

Eventually boy babies grow into toddlers, and that’s when they might start asking for a big boy bed. Toddlers still need a lot of care a big kid doesn’t. When looking for toddler boy room designs, it’s possible to make both toddler and mother happy. Toddlers have something to say about everything—from the butter on their toast to their shoes—so they will be sure to voice opinions on their bedroom. If designing a toddler boy room, be sure to let the little boy have some say in the colors and theme.



While thinking of ideas for a toddler boy room, starting with a favorite color is great idea. This is one of the first things toddlers form ideas about. For boys, typically this is blue or green, but they might pick yellow, orange, or brown. Any dad or mom will know if their boy toddler loves a Bob the Builder or Thomas the Tank Engine. TV or movie characters can be great option as a theme for a little boy’s bedroom. Little guys may also like dogs, trucks, cars, planes, bugs, or something else fun.



After deciding on a theme for the toddler bedroom, toddler bedding for boys can be considered. This is a good opportunity to present some choices to a boy toddler—let him pick his sheets from a couple choices. A toddler bedding set could make this easier, but still let the little boy can really express himself. If he’s really into vehicles, let him choose between cars bedding or trucks bedding. Whatever the theme choice, cautious parents may want to select 100% cotton bedding to protect delicate skin.


The Bed

When setting up a toddler boy room the bed is the central focus. This bed represents the toddler’s big boy status. While the tot may think they are all grown up, there are many safe options for toddler beds. Many toddler beds come with higher sides or a toddler bed rail can be bought separately. If a little boy chooses a favorite movie or TV character as the bedroom theme, consider looking for a bed that matches the toddler bedding set. For example, the Thomas the Tank Engine may have an all inclusive bed set. Vehicle beds are a great option for boy toddlers. There are a huge variety of vehicle beds—get the boy toddler a truck bed, boat bed, train bed, or car toddler bed.


Other Furniture

A bed isn’t the only component of a toddler boy room. Maybe a lot of the nursery furniture can be reused—some of it, like changing tables, will probably still be needed. In addition, there’s a wide range of kids bedroom furniture available. Some toddler beds have cute miniature matching night stands or tables. Toddler chairs are also widely available with lots of cool and fun selections to choose from. A toddler chair will make the little boy feel all grown up.

A toddler boy room doesn’t need to be pricey or complicated—cute and affordable toddler furniture is so widely available. Little toddler boys will be thrilled to have a room they helped set up!

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Some Bedroom Inspiration For Toddler Boys

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