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What’s The Best Mattress Protector?

What’s The Best Mattress Protector?

First question you’ll probably be asking is do I need a protector for my mattress, well that will all depend on you and if you believe these to be of any benefit to you and your needs. I think they are a great idea and if you shop around and get a good one then I would totally recommend one to protect your mattress, there is no point in spending loads of money on an expensive mattress and not offering it some kind of protection to any spills, dust mites and allergens.

The thought of dust mites and bugs where you sleep is rather a horrible thought and if you’ve seen the pictures of these guys magnified up then you know they are not the best of lookers and you wouldn’t fancy them making a meal on you. Basically sounds horrible to think of a bed bug sucking your blood and breeding in a place where you want to be fully relaxed and at least feel clean. Anyway these mattress protectors can really be of help to keep a bed bug from infesting your mattress cause if there are any bugs in your mattress already before you buy a protector they will not be able to escape and breed or bite you and will in a few days die. The bugs on the outside of the mattress also will not be able to get into the mattress anymore to breed either so they will not be able to survive and hide. Now whether they totally keep away bed bugs I don’t know but they claim to help with their breeding, I recommend searching around and reading the reviews on what other people have experienced though, trouble is with bed bugs they are so tiny it’s so hard to see them anyway.


These are also great for young children’s beds

Another great thing about these protectors is they are waterproof so will help if a child is still of bed-wetting age and can help lots with accidents. Most say they are totally great and no leakages whilst others say with prolonged wetness they might start to soak through. Like a lot of products some work for some people and you also find out that some people were not 100% satisfied and found there were problems. The 3 recommended mattress protectors below, all have major positive reviews and some negative so you will have to do some research on which one to buy, they obviously are good products but nothing is perfect, is it? Any help to stop a spillage or your child wetting the bed and soaking an expensive mattress is surely a bonus though. I think going off what people say are if your child has a big accident and sleeps through it for a long period then you might see a sign of wetness but in will be minimal and minor accidents it will prevent any leaks. That said some people have reported having like full glasses of water spilt on the protector and not a drop went through to the mattress which is also encouraging to hear too.


So what is the comfort and noise of these protectors?

Well the good thing is they are very thin and like vinyl but are breathable so you and your children will keep cool which is the problem lots of people face with the vinyl covers that they just made for an uncomfortable night and especially not very nice on warm summer night. These protectors are also very quiet and with them being so thin, they didn’t change the feel of your actual mattress, who wants that when they have spent so much money on an expensive memory foam mattress and then put on a mattress protector to have it change the feel and the comfort level of your mattress. So yeah they don’t have a plastic feel like some mattress protectors do and they don’t make that squeaky sound when you turn over like I’ve experienced before with older type of mattress protectors.

They are great also for people with asthma, eczema and allergy sufferers as there is a barrier to allergens infesting mattresses and pillows. They can easily be washed in the washing machine regular to keep them nice and clean.

So lastly I’d have a good look around cause there are lots of different types of mattress protectors, being a quilted one, zip encasements to fully keep out bed bugs but you lose the comfort levels a little with these types and then there is terry towel waterproof protectors, all have their plus and negatives but could be good for what you are seeking. They also can make a considerable difference to the length of time your mattress will last for with their added protection and come with good warranties.


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